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IBHA World Show 

4th in Dun Factor...

Born 4-7-2017      Not For Sale

 DD EE Homozygous Dun & Black

5 Panel Clean

Gorgeous Silver/White grulla stud colt. Pretty headed, well balanced. Extreme Dun factors on this guy. This mare produced a world champion Dun Factor colt in 2015, By my stallion "Jack Silver Dust" and the sire to this colt "Dynamic Breeze"  was also a world champion dun factor winner!! "Patron" got the dun factor on both sides..Momma and Daddy. 

Future Stallion Prospect here at TL-Quarter Horses...

Dun Stud Colt  "Kid"

Born 3-3-2017

Heavy Muscled colt, Tiny little head with them fox ears...big jaw for just a baby. Short  backed, Clean neck, well-balanced...

Dave said he is going to make a rope horse out of him  ;-)

Congrads Dave Brooks


AQHA DunSkin Colt      SOLD
Born 3-17-2017

DD EE Homozygous Dun & Blk

4 Panel Clean  (N/Pssm1)  

  Congrats Pam & Doug Planton....

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Twistenandsmoken TL x Dynamic Breeze

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Congratulation Michelle Rothhaar on your purchase of ( Dust In Th Wind

Good Luck at the IBHA World Show with this colt...I have successfully raised another phenomenal foal and met a new friend that's going to give him a wonderful home...

Good Luck with Michelle....

​​​​Dust In Th Wind    SOLD

Congrats: Michelle Rothhaar

On Your Reserve World Champion in Dun Factor....

Born 4-4-2017

DD EE  Homozygous Dun & Black

5 Panel Clean 

Up Date:

Michelle and Rockie winning streak continues on...

Stallion Prospect: Gorgeous silver/white grulla  stud colt, With loud dun factors!! Probably will not sell until he sheds the baby fuzz. Then you will be able to see the loud dun factors.. Extreme loud zebra strips on his legs, Neck shadowing, and wide dorsal stripe with barbs. Sire to this colt is a World Champion Dun Factor winner. Teeny Tiny little head, well balanced and a pretty mover...

Grulla Breeders Dream...

​​Price $7500

AQHA Dun Filly         SOLD
Born 4-15-2017

D/d E/e 

Congrads:  Hector Rendon

Pretty Dun filly, Unique color, Loud Dun Factor for being out of a non dun factor Palomino mare.  She has Brindling on her let hip. Tiny little head, long neck, Short back, Well balanced filly.

​Dam to this filly has 22 AQHA Halter Points,  55 PHBA, and a ROM in AQHA Open Halter.

Price $1500

Dustmeallover  TL x Dynamic Breeze