​​​​​​AQHA  Dun Colt     Sale Pending
 Born 4-9-2018
 - 5 Panel Clean  EeDd

Handsome Dun colt...Pretty little head ears.  straight and correct with some size.  Halter breeding crossed with versatility, later this his guy will be a ridder with plenty of looks.

Priced $4500

​​​​​​AQHA  Silver/White Grulla Colt        IBHA-ABRA Eligible 
 Born 4-20-2018
 - 5 Panel Clean  EEaaDd

"Tuck" Classy looking grulla colt tiny little head, long legged with plenty of body. He's going to be the same grulla color as his moma, with loud dun factors like his daddy.  The dam to this colt is my favorite mare... Very versatile colt that could go many directions, he is quick on his feet,  but yet very flat knee, pretty mover... lunge line, western pleasure, halter, ranch horse, or breeding prospect.  Once this guy sheds that baby fuzz he's going to be beautiful. 

Priced $7000

Dusty Silver Deb X Smoke N Bandito

​​Quarter Pony xDrink One For Me

​​​​​AQHA Grulla Filly  
 Born 4-15-2018
                                               5 Panel Clean - Color test will follow...

Perfect grulla filly, she is gorgeous in every way... Pretty head and neck, very pronounced zebra strips on her legs. she is huge extremely tall and what a pretty mover...first pixs taken at 6 hrs old :-)  This filly may not be ready for her new home until after the IBHA world show, July 23 -24...

Retaining this filly for my breeding program

​​​​​​​Silver grullas with loud dun factors. grulla horses for sale,  grulla foals, grulla breeder

​​​​​AQHA Grulla Filly  
 Born 3-20-2018
                                               5 Panel Clean - Color test will follow...

This filly came out of the sack loping, such a pretty mover...Performance bred top and bottom side. Natural low head set.  Lunge line, western pleasure, Hunt seat, English Prospect. she needs to be in the show pen.

check out the show record on the Dam and Sire to this filly...

Retaining this filly for my breeding program

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​​​​​​​Quater Pony "Dandy"     

Eligible for registeration IBHA-ABRA  & other charters.

2018 Grulla Quarter Pony Colt "Dandy" 2 weeks old in the pixs.
This is one of the prettiest quarter pony I've even seen..
Gorgeous headed colt, very straight and correct. 
Loud dun factors, he is loaded up with dun factors, can't really see them until he sheds out, pictures do not do this colt justice, he's way prettier in person.
Dam is 14'h and she is a WIDE load... sire is "Drink One For Me" 15'2h Sire is register AQHA-IBHA-NFQHA "Dandy" is going to be very stocky built and finish out around 14'2 to 15'h
He's also going to have a good bit of frosting in his mane and tail. These crosses make really nice ridding horses, ponies don't need shoes they have a great hoof.
Sire: "Drink One For Me" is 5 panel clean
I'm listing this colt for a friend he is not mine.

Located: Adamsville, Ohio
Listing by: TL Quarter Horses for a friend...
The last 2 pixs are Dam & Sire. Sire: Drink One For Me- is a 2 times world champion Dun factor winner.

Price $2500

  ​​​​​AQHA DunSkin Colt    Sale Pending
Born 3-7-2018

DD EE Homozygous Dun & Blk


​​​​​​AQHA Smokey Cream Dun/Grulla Double Dilute Cream    Sale Pending
 Born 3-20-2018
 - 5 Panel Clean 

EEaaDdCRCR Homozgyous Blk & Cream

If your looking to put some color in to your breeding program this guy really got it covered. He can only produce "smokey grulla, smokey black, buckskins, and dun skins when bred to common colored horses. Pretty moving colt, long legged big bodied, pretty head and neck. with baby blue eyes.  very friendly little guy.

Price $3500