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Western Pleasure, Hunt seat, Longe Line, Halter, and Dun Factor futurity Champions

IBHA World Reserve Halter Champion
IBHA World Reserve Yearling Lunge Line
IBHA World Reserve Dun Factor Champion
NSBA Congress World Champion Longe line
NSBA World Champion Longe Line
NSBA Dun Factor Champion
1st in Central States Horse Show Association in 2 under HalterGet of Sire Show Record​


​​​​ Drink One For Me

  "2 Times World Champion Dun Factor Stallion"
'Drink' walked away with the title 2 years in a row...
2015 & 2016 "Drink" was a World Champion Dun Factor winner and Reserve Halter Champion. In 2016 He placed Reserve in Longe Line under one Judge and 3th under the other judges.
On March 25 -2015 AQHA color specialist added "Drink One For Me" to there list of Brindle horses, making only 28 in there registry at that time. With 2.5 million horses listed with the AQHA, Which makes "Drink One For Me" a very unique grulla stallion with "Rare extensive Dun Factor"  Brindling...
Drink is broke to the phantom with as excellent sperm count. Live cover or shipped semen very quite and willing stallion that anyone can handle, I bred with this stallion by my self.  Was broke to ride on the trails at Hocking Hills as a 2 yr old. I do not need two grulla stallions that are 1/2 brothers, This stallion is to closely bred to all the "Jack Silver Dust" daughters that I have kept back for my breeding program, which leads me to listing "Drink" for sale...Not an easy decision. "Drink" will stand at TL Quarter Horses until sold...

Asking price $25,000

AQHA-IBHA-NFQHA 2015 Grulla Brindle

​​​​​​​​Show Record

  • 2015 IBHA World Champion Dun Factor
  • 2015 IBHA Reserve Halter Champion
  • 2016 IBHA World Champion Dun Factor
  • 2016 IBHA Reserve Halter Champion
  • 2016 IBHA World Show Longe Line 3th Place
  • 49 Dun Factor Point
  • 1 Halter Point
  • 1 Longe Line Point

​​Genetic Testing 

  • ​​5  Panel Clean
  • EE Homozygous Black
  • Dd Heterozygous Dun

​Stud fee $600 shipping & collection fee $300

Tamara Le Page 740-260-4239

​​​​​​​Show Record

2006 IBHA Leading the Nation in Yearling Halter
Tri-State Champion: MABA-BBHA-OSBA
Multiple Futurity Champion
OSBA – Top Three Futurity Winner
AQHA – NWVQHA – 2 year old Snaffle Bit Futurity Place 6th
OSBA – Top Three Futurity Winner 3 Year Old Snaffle Bit
9 -Halter Points
87 points in Dun Factor

"Dusty"  would not be for sale if he was 5 panel clean....This stallion has produced some phenomenal foals with , outstanding confirmation, athletic ability, solid minds.  His foals are very trainable with a ton of color and loud dun factors.. with that being said, this is why I chose to continue breeding with Dusty. I've raised 6-7 outstanding 5 panel clean grulla fillies by dusty for my breeding program.  He is a well broke stallion, 100% sound. he was shown as a 2 & 3 year old in snaffle bit, then used as breeding stallion. He was also been trail ridden. Dusty has lost most of his sight in his left eye, he scratched it about 4 years ago,  doesn't really seam to bother him in any way, I'm selling his as blind in that eye. Buyers choice: continue using him as breeding stallion, or he would also make an outstanding  gelding that any one could ride.  Exceptionally Quite, He likes people and kids. Anyone can get along with this stallion....

​​​​​​Two Times World Champion Dun Factor Stallion

​​For Sale

Jack Silver Dust   SOLD

DD- ​Homozygous Dun
EE- Homozgyous Black

Dusty is a Multiple Point Earner... He’s a True Athlete and a Halter Champion at the same time! Great Minded Stud, couldn’t ask for a better disposition.
 Proven Producer & Multiple Point Earner… with his first foal crop!
Versatility Stallion that is producing Versatility Foals!
16H, 1250lbs

Genetic Testing  4 Panel Clean

 MH  N/N                                                 N/PSSM1​​​​​​​​

​ Price $8500