In Loving Memory of. . .
                 Mitchell Katterheinrich

The five years that God blessed me with you, was way too short. A few months ago I asked you what your goals, dreams, direction/purpose was for your life. You quickly answered, “To make all YOUR dreams come true”. You knew that there were things that needed to be completed that I could not accomplish on my own – you said “that’s what I’m here for – I want to make your dreams come true with your horses”. No matter what walk of life, I never met anyone like you – giving up your whole life for me. I couldn’t understand how anyone could be so giving, you taught me a lot when it comes to this. You taught me the true meaning of giving.

I have so many loving memories. I remember one evening I pulled into the driveway and you came running from the barn. I was afraid that something had happened to one of the horses. I asked you what was wrong. You replied “Nothing is wrong. I just came running to give my baby a kiss”. I will always cherish are trip out west,  That thirty days on the road – truck, trailer, horses. We went all the way to Yellowstone stopping along the way – wherever we wanted – among all the beauty and rode our horses (Tetons, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Badlands, Black Hills). I am SO glad we took the time to do the trip. You took the front wheel off your Harley so that it could fit in the back of the truck. When we got to Sturgis, the Rally was going on, you put it back together and we rode through the town.

Showing the IBHA Circuit I could have never accomplished what I did in the 2005 show season without you. You were looking forward to the 2006 season. You had all your show clothes bought.  You’re wearing one of those favorite shirts in Heaven now.

We had plane tickets to fly to California, but you didn’t make the trip with me. It was hard for me to make the trip without you, but everyone thought it was best. I don’t know what’s best – I only feel HURT. It seems as if there is no where to turn and no way out. Going on without you will be the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. Everything I did you were always right beside me and now I’m so alone.

When I had a bad day – you would listen quietly and just your presence made it all better.

We made it through some really rough times. I knew that if we could make it through all that……… we would make it through the rest of our lives together. You commented – “What do you think we will look like when we get old”?  I said  “I’m going to get old and haggard – you’ll be handsome and distinguished lookingt”.

I loved you with all I had within me to Love and you loved me the same way in return. We would have gotten married in California. Nine days before the trip you left me forever.

You were the most loving, kind and hard working man I have ever come across. There was no end to your giving. This is so hard for me to understand. I am turning to God for help. I know that you are in a much better place in Heaven, but you will be sadly missed. May God give me strength to make it through this.

      Eternally missed Your Fiance, Tamara.....

In Loving Memory of. . .

Harold Le Page

November 1917 – April 2003

In Loving Memory of my Dad.

F  aith in me……. When I needed it or had none.

 t the cross roads……. You always kept a strong faith in God, and tried to lead all your loved ones to the Lord.

T  urning to you when life was so tough……. Through your kindness and understanding you could always make me see the brighter side of life.

H  ere without you…….. I never thought I could do it….I told you many times when we were together that life was not worth living without you in it. You started telling me, in your latter years of life, that I had to stop saying that…I have learned with time how to handle the pain. I use to wish you could have met Mitchell Katterheinrich, my Fiancé, But now you have – for he is in heaven with you. You finally got to meet the man I kept telling you about, God Blessed me with Mitch for a very short time, I will never understand why he had to leave me so soon, and may God give me the strength to make it through this most difficult time that I have ever had to encounter.

E  ternally we are connected in spirit…….There are no words in the dictionary that describes the relationship we had – I still turn to you and ask for your advise just like you were still here. I try to make decisions that you would want me to make – that is how much you inspired me.

R  espected by all…….You touched people with your knowledge and faith in God. You inspired many beyond belief.